Jerusalem Burials

Jerusalem Burial

Jersualem is the holiest city in the world and many Jews have been buried here over the last thousand of years.

The most 2 popular burial plots are at

Har Menuchot


1)  Har Menuchot  Private Burial Plots in the Southern area


    har hamenuchot   har hamenuchot  har hamenuchot 4  har hamenuchot 5  


2) Another Southern Part of Burial Plots in Har Hamenuchot




3) The Rechava of Har Hamenuchot

This is close to the burial plot of the Kabbalist Harav Mordechai Sharabi  Zs'l the Rosh Yeshiva of Nahar Shalom. He passed away in 1983. Hundreds of thousands of people used to line up outside his home to receive blessing from this important Rav. He was known to have Ruach Hakodash and performed many miracles in his lifetime.



Har Zeisim

Har Hazeitim is another famous cemetery where Jews have been buried here over the last few thousand years. In the time of the Second Temple they used to inaugurate the new Jewish Month on the Mount of Olives. There is a prohecy in Zecharya Biblical verse 14:4 that the resurrection of hte dead will commence from here. Over 150,000 Jews have been buried here including Zecharaya , Malachi , Chagi, Avsalom the son of David Hamelech, and the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh plus many other Holy Rabbis.

Map of Har Hazeitim


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